Chuango SPS260 alarm siren and RFLink

25/02/2018 - RFLink, Chuango, SPS260, alarm, siren

The Chuango SPS260 is a wireless solar-powered alarm siren. The model I have operates at 433.92MHz and I am using an RFLink gateway to control it. See here for information about building an RFLink gateway.


This forum post has some information about controlling the siren. From this information and trying different codes, I have found the following to work (not guaranteed to be correct).


To clear all previously learned codes, press and hold the learn button on the SPS260 unit. The unit emits one beep when the button is initially pressed, and a double beep approximately 3 seconds later after which you can release the button. The status LED flashes whenever a beep is emitted.

To learn a new code, press and release the learn button on the SPS260 unit. The unit emits one beep and the status led lights and stays lit. Send the following to the RFLink unit:

  • 10;ev1527;000080;1;ON;

The unit should emit a single beep and the status led flash off/on/off. 000080 is the code/address you want to use for the unit, and should be changed to a secret 6 digit hexidecimal code. All the following commands below should have this code set to the same value.

Activating/deactivating the siren

To activate the siren, send:

  • 10;ev1527;000080;2;ON;

and to deactivate the siren, send:

  • 10;ev1527;000080;1;ON;

Service mode

To enter service mode, send the following 3 times within 5 seconds, with some delay between each send:

  • 10;ev1527;000080;1;ON;

If successful, the unit will emit a long beep and the status light will flash. In service mode, instead of the alarm sounding and the lights flashing, the unit will emit three beeps. This applies both when sending the siren activation signal and when the tamper switch is activated.

To leave service mode, send:

  • 10;ev1527;000080;8;ON;

If successful, the unit will again emit a long beep and the status light with stop flashing.